Poetry: War by Jerry Danielsen



Is a mental disease
masquerading as a solutionAnd the addicts
need their fix
no matter what the cost

The taking of what isn’t ours
the belief that since we’re always right
everyone else is always wrong

Them or us mentality

Prevents even a healthy debate of
creating a department of peace

Or helping the world
instead of trying to control it.

For all the cost of bombs and battleships
we could feed the world

Assist with affordable health care
for the world

Then our enemies would shrivel
under the power of love

There would be no reason for all the damage
with hearts and minds in alignment

If we would actually be a true force of good
and put our words of exceptionalism into action


Recognizing the beauty
of cultures different from ours

Making friends
through compassion

If we’re going to perpetually wage war,
the war on poverty here at home
should be the main battlefront.
~ Jerry Danielsen

_________________media from Jerry Danielsem